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DTF Transfer Powder 5 lb.

DTF Transfer Powder 5 lb.

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80-200 Micron DTF PU Powder

221*-248* Melt Point


Good Washability


  • COMPATIBILITY: We simplified the hot melt method with our DTF powder adhesive that works with all DTF printers and films of any size. No need to look for a different DTF transfer printer or a DTF transfer film to meet client requirements.


  • VIVID COLOR TRANSFER: Printing DTF transfer powder won't leave spots or shrinkage cavities on garments, making the pattern more bright. The unique formula is designed to bond with the ink instead of the film and won't clog your automatic shaker. With our DTF Powder, you can transfer clear and color-rich prints on your garments that are also soft and elastic to the touch!
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