About Us


Ace Transfer Company was founded in February 1992 by David Shaw. Originally started in his residence, they outgrew the workspace by 1994 and had the opportunity to move into an 8000 square foot elementary schoolhouse. 

In July of 2003 they outgrew their production facility in Tremont City, Ohio and moved into a new facility located at 1017 Hometown Street, Springfield, Ohio. This allowed for further expansion of production and the ability to meet and exceed customer demands.

In 2013 David started Ace Screen Supply Company, located at 1020 Hometown Street, Springfield, Ohio where he began selling equipment and supplies for the screen print industry.

In July of 2022 David consolidated both businesses into the same building, located at 1020 Hometown Street; to better provide the one stop shop experience for his customers.

Ace Transfer Company/Ace DTF specializes in Direct To Film (DTF) printing. Custom Screen Prints, Sublimation Transfers, and Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing.

Ace Screen Supply specializes in providing the latest equipment and production goods for all aspects of screen printing and decorated apparel.

The Ace family of companies has been in business for over 30 years!

We service all customers nationwide.