Collection: Dye Sublimation (VAPOR PRINTS)

Utilizing special inks, these full color transfers permanently bond to 100% polyester substrates when applied with a heat press. Dye entire garments with full color graphics. Once applied to a garment, Vapor Prints are breathable, durable, and will not fade! Vapor Prints work great on poly-coated ad specialty items such as mugs, mouse pads, name plates, coasters, and trophy plaques.


Vapor Prints print in CMYK. NO WHITE PRINTS!! Transfers can be up to 40 inches wide by 50 feet long, which gives you the flexibility to gang multiple images or jobs. 


Art charges: If correct digital art is supplied there are no art charges. If our artists are required the rate is $30.00 per half hour.


Cutting/Packaging: There are no cutting fees if the transfer size if 1 square foot or above. Cutting fees may be charged if the transfer size is less than 1 square foot. (Fee is $.40 per image)



1. Preheat your transfer machine to 385 - 400 degrees
2. Place garment on the pallet. Be sure to smooth garment as
much as possible.
3. Preheat for 7 - 10 seconds.
4. Position dye sublimation transfer on the garment and press
with medium to high pressure (around 40psi) for 45 - 50
5. Release press and peel the paper off the garment evenly.