How to Backup Your Print Modes and Queues in CADlink

How to Backup Your Print Modes and Queues in CADlink

With a major update released recently, let's discuss how to backup your print modes and queues in CADlink. It's always a great idea to have backups of both your print modes and your device queues. And it's very simple to do so it's a wise plan in case anything ever gets lost, overwritten, reinstalled, etc. It will only take you a minute or two, so there aren't any excuses to not do this.

Backing Up Your Print Modes

We know that users are always tinkering with print modes, and that's great! Sometimes we all duplicate modes to develop our workflows and we also do this for testing purposes. But you should take an established set of print modes, whether it's your own, or ones that we have created for you by default, and back them up. To do this see below.

  1. The first step is to go up to your main menu: Devices -> Manage Print Modes
  2. Now your print mode box pops up. Select the print mode(s) you want to backup and create a save file for. You can select multiples by using the shift key and clicking the top and bottom print mode.
  3. At the top of the prompt box is an icon that when you hover it says Create Print Mode Package. Press this to bring up the save dialog.
  4. Name the print package and select where to save it. We usually will save all print modes, and then throw the date in the name as well. These files aren't very big so do not hesitate to save all print modes you have made.
  5. Print mode packages will be saved as a .pmz, and you will get a confirmation that it's been successfully created. You're done!

Backing Up Your Queues

Your queue is the devices you have set up. These can carry settings such as your default paper size and how the device is connected to your computer. Like print modes, we should back these up now and then, especially when updating major releases. The steps are extremely similar.

  1. Up top again on the main menu: Queue -> Manage Queues
  2. Another box pops up and this time select all the devices you will be backing up. Choose one device, or multiple if you have other drivers/devices installed.
  3. Now with them selected, up top click the icon with the green down arrow, this will export and create a file.
  4. Name the package again along with choosing your save location. 
  5. Done again! These are saved as .quepmzpak files. We like to keep them in the same spot, sorted by date.

Just to recap, it's a good idea to save and keep backups of these files. It's quick and easy to do, and doesn't take up much room. It's very recommended to do after a major software update or print mode updates. 

And now you are ready to update CADlink!

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